About Wildthing Flyfishing

Here at Wildthing, we try to recapture that spirit of adventure, exploring secret corners and catching truly wild fish. It’s not all about catching fish, yet that is the focus of what we do. It can be about sharing a glorious August dawn with oyster catchers on the beach – known to some as bass fishing; or watching a family of otters frolic along the rocks of a highland pool as the last light drains from the sky – night fishing for seatrout.  The joyous sound of a springtime cuckoo and watching its stake-out of a reed bed can be a delightful interlude on a day’s mayfly fishing.


Why Do People Fish With Us?

Frequently Asked Questions


What Do I Need to Bring On The Day?

Sensible clothing and footwear, planned with the weather in mind. Apart from that you don't need to bring anything!

If you're on a guided day, it's a good idea to bring as much of your own kit as you want. However, we will supply you with all that you need.


Can I Bring A Guest?

Feel free to bring an extra guest, however they will not be able to participate in the tuition or activities during the day. If you are bringing someone else and wish them to be catered for, then please contact us so we can arrange that.