About Us


We’re a small outfit settled in rural Wiltshire, where the office is just a cast from the River Avon – my local chalkstream. 

When I was growing up, small boys could spend long days on little-known streams, trying to outwit truly wild fish for the cost of a knock on a local farmer’s door. Catch and release was what we did with undersized trout and the occasional ten incher was borne home as a triumphant trophy for the dinner table – or in my case, to go into my pond where it could teach me more about the trout’s world.

Here at Wildthing, we try to recapture that spirit of adventure, exploring secret corners and catching truly wild fish. It’s not all about catching fish, yet that is the focus of what we do. It can be about sharing a glorious August dawn with oyster catchers on the beach – known to some as bass fishing; or watching a family of otters frolic along the rocks of a highland pool as the last light drains from the sky – night fishing for seatrout.  The joyous sound of a springtime cuckoo and watching its stake-out of a reed bed can be a delightful interlude on a day’s mayfly fishing. 

If you want to contact us to ask questions or give us feedback on our website, Facebook or our courses, our information is as follows:

Email:         gonefishing@wildthingflyfishing.co.uk

Phone:        07506 951512

Facebook:  Wildthing Flyfishing


What Do I Need to bring on the day?

There are no requirements that you bring anything as all tackle will be supplied. However, we recommend that you bring your own hat and sunglasses (polaroid if possible). Don't worry if you don't have either of these, we do supply them but we find it's always nicer to use your own. Depending on the weather and time of the year, suncream can also be a good idea. 

What Do i need to wear?

Suitable outdoor clothes depending on the weather - this may include waterproofs. Avoid any bright colours, as this may scare the fish and decrease your chance of catching them. Outdoor footwear such as grippy trainers, walking shoes or the like. Again, depending on the weather, wellies may be a good idea.

Can i bring my own gear?

Of course! In fact we suggest that you do bring your own gear if you have any. This is so that, if you're learning, you'll learn to fish with the equipment that you will use when you go out and fish on your own and you'll be more comfortable. Our guides can also make sure that your gear is appropriate and is not hindering your chances of catching.

What happens if the weather is bad? 

We hate to call off any day so the chances are that the day will go ahead. Just make sure that you bring suitable clothing and footwear for it! In the event that the weather is too bad for us to fish, then we will email you the night before to notify you and you will get a choice of alternative dates.

Is there an age requirement? 

There is no age requirement or limit to our courses, however we do ask that anyone under 16 years old brings a responsible adult who may or may not be enrolled on the course. Note that if they are not enrolled on the course, they will not be catered for.