If you are already an experienced angler then you will probably have spent many hours on the riverbank or at the lakeside exchanging stories and ideas with fellow anglers, comparing tackle, techniques and fly patterns. This is how we learn and develop our skills. It is also where many of our aspirations become kindled and we discover that there is a world of fly fishing opportunities out there to be explored. 

Truly great and successful fishers have a host of skills. But without exception, they have all spent a lot of time on the water – watching, fishing, learning. It takes years to build up the encyclopaedic knowledge and experience that brings regular success. They know where and when to go fishing for different target species - and how to catch them. When time is precious, we all look for shortcuts to success. This is where a day out with a professionally qualified guide will help to give you the edge.  

You will find Wildthing Guides are well educated and polite – and not even slightly frightening! They will enjoy a genuine exchange of ideas and information, sharing the extent of their local knowledge with you. In addition to receiving our own training, all will have a recognised, formal qualification in Flyfishing. 

Whether it’s getting a cast into a tricky spot, identifying hatching insects or advice on tackle, expert advice will be on hand for you. He will do everything in his power to bring you success – and in return, all he asks of you is that you enjoy your day! You can expect your guide to normally be available for 8-9 hours as a standard day. 


  • Small lake trout fishing – stalking in clear water with a full range of techniques. 
  • River trout –  Dry fly and nymph techniques on the fabulous chalkstreams of the Southern counties - the Test, Itchen, Avon and Wylye. 
  • Sea-trout – Day time stalking and night fishing or traditional night fishing 
  • Salmon -   By the day or available as a 3 or 6 day package 
  • Saltwater – Chasing a variety of species, including bass, mackerel, garfish and pollack, either shore based or in kayaks 
  • Grayling – the very sporting “lady of the stream”, delicate and graceful 
  • Pike – the ultimate freshwater predator, fast and aggressive! 

What To Expect

  • Access to excellent private water 
  • Local knowledge 
  • Learn the most successful flies and techniques 
  • A shortcut to success 
  • Professionally qualified guides 
  • Tackle supplied if required 
  • Pick-up/drop off 
  • Picnic hamper by arrangement



It was amazing mate
— Dave