The great thing about our business entertainment days, is that we cater to your exact needs. Whether it's as a team building exercise or client relations or an off site day, we'll be able to tailor a brilliant day out to fit your needs.

Listed below are examples of the range of activities that we offer

    Example Day 1

    A small local business wanted to reward its employees for hitting its annual numbers. After a couple of emails, we were able to cater to exactly what they wanted:

    • Riverside breakfast - coffee, bacon rolls 
    • Beginner's introduction to casting and fishing
    • Well stocked lake, full of fish
    • Biggest fish, most fish, best fish competitions 
    • BBQ lunch 
    • All tackle hired


    Example Day 2

    A larger business took its executive team and brought clients on a day's fishing with them to improve relationships. They were all competent fly fishermen and we catered for:

    • Challenging day's river fishing
    • Advanced tuition from our guides 
    • Full catering 
    • Champagne lunch
    • Mid-afternoon coffee and pastries
    • Entomology and rivercraft workshops
    • Photographer

    Popular Activities

    • Breakfast
    • Professional guides
    • Workshops in casting, entomology 
    • Lunch
    • BBQ
    • Competitions - casting distance / casting accuracy / first fish / most fish / biggest fish / best tied fly 
    • Fully catered
    • Professional photographer

    Don't see something that you want on your day? Enquire now and let's see if we can sort that for you!



    per person